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About The Author

Efe Imiren

Efe Imiren is widely considered Nigeria’s foremost and leading Female Information Publishing Expert. She is a Trainer, Speaker, Author, Consultant and Successful Entrepreneur. 

Efe started honing her entrepreneurship skills in 1999 while an undergraduate and eventually turned her passion and ideas into a profitable business named ServiceForts Ltd. 

The ServiceForts brand name has grown into four major operations including ServiceForts Technologies (a technology-based importing firm), ServiceForts Travels, ServiceForts Publishing and ServiceForts Business Academy.


 "If You Always Wanted to Know How to Manufacture Products Inexpensively from China, But Were Bewildered on How to Get Started, You are About to Discover How You Can Quickly, Easily and Successfully Manufacture and Import From China within 30 Days!"


RE: What Importers Have Kept Secret From You All These Years.

Dear Fellow Importer,

My name is Efe Imiren and for over 5 years I have been operating a successful home based importation business, I have taught hundreds of others how to start and run their own successful home based importation business and you can verify this and their testimonials on my Importation Business Blog

The import-export business is extremely lucrative, exciting and prestigious. However, without the right information and being armed with the right tools, it’s easy to lose BIG time in the import business.

But once you know the tricks of the trade, you can make amazing profits. Many times without any risk using other peoples’ money. That’s what makes the import-export business so attractive.

    Amazingly, you can do it . . .

     without an office

     without stockpiling any inventory

     starting with only =N= 50,000 only

     In addition you do not:

     require a time investment in product creation

     you don’t need an office

     and gosh, you don’t even need an employee.

How is this possible?

I’ll explain, but first let me tell you why you and many others probably have never heard about the lucrative side of this business all this while…

It’s because

“Most People In This Business Never Reveal It To Others”

     Most people in this business are WILDLY successful. But most importers are greedy and very secretive. Call them tight lipped.

     They don’t tell anybody about what they do or how they do it. They don’t want anybody else in their business.

     Here's why. They are on a run-a-way cash train with no end in sight and they do not want anyone else to join them. Yet there is plenty of room for new importers. How do I know this? Just look at this growth curve for importation...

For over 5 years I have operated this lucrative business and our seminar halls are always packed full when ever I organize an Import-Export Business Seminar. This is because I reveal facts to you that have been kept secret in this industry for years. It’s almost like a secret society or an “old boys” club and nobody tells anybody about what they do. I didn’t see why.


"How I Flawlessly Import Millions In
Products From China"

I have personally imported millions of naira worth of products. I’m not the kind of fellow that does seminars or sell ebooks on how to import and makes a whole lot of money selling a course without actually practicing the business; I think that’s a bunch of nonsense!.




       I practice my teachings and I run partnerships with some of my friends as well. One of My partners with whom this importation business began runs an import business under the business name Bio-Lab Naturals. Together we do small scale and big scale importing, depending on the product and bring in some 20 feet - 40 feet containers, sometimes less, of brand new products to Nigeria and Ghana every month. Sometimes it’s even more.

     My friends and marketing clients bring in theirs too, and I’ve asked them and quizzed them and learned everything that they do, too.

     So I am pretty much of a bank of information and as far as I know I’m the only fellow that’s ever been willing to share these secrets.

Over the years due to high demands from those who are unable to attend my seminars, I have packaged these secrets into downloadable ebooks which you can have access to in the next 5 minutes.

      This Import-Business eBook Package contains hard to find information no one else is willing to share with “outsiders” in this business. Here is what you will learn in this Import-Business eBook Package :


"How To Pick The Best Products To
Import From China"

You will learn in this Import-Business eBook Package about different types of markets, commodity markets. These are products that people have to have everyday like tires, flour, light bulbs, clothes, fabrics, and things that we buy and we already know an established price for.

      They’re not necessarily the best markets to be in, but they are stable, and if you have a lot of cash they’re great. They’re not the ones that I play in most of the time. but they’re really good for stabilizing your cash flow to your business. I’ll show the ones I like to bring in.


"Import Products From China Using
Other People's Money"

      The Import-Business eBook Package will also show you about pre-selling. This is a BIG secret; this is the one thing that I do better than, I think, anybody in this industry does. I pre-sell products before I ever get them so I don’t put my own money at risk. I’ll explain to you my exact system for doing this.

     By pre-selling I don’t mean that I go out and knock on people’s doors or attend meetings. I’ve never walked into a business before and tried to sell them a product. I’ll show you how to get more leads than you could ever imagine to sell as much product as you want just by walking up and down an aisle. It’s easy.


"How To Tell A Chinese Manufacturer Exactly What You Want Manufactured For You"

     You’re going to learn how to write a great product specification. In other words, you’ll learn how to tell the factory exactly what you want.

    We’re going to teach you how to find the customer first before you even start looking for the product so that you don’t waste time and money importing something nobody will buy. I never, ever buy a single thing from China or the USA that I don’t already have enough sold to pay for the order before I order.

     I’ll show you how to protect yourself when you do make mistakes. One of the great things that nobody ever knows about the import business is that you rarely ever lose.

     BIG POINT: The liquidation value of the products is usually higher than the cost of the product to start with, so you sell what you can at the highest price possible and the rest you just sell off in liquidation if you have to.

     Most people in import who write good specifications don’t lose money and I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that. 


"How To Source Products From China On Your Computer Without Travelling"

      Next, we’ll move onto where to source products from. There are a lot of different ways to get your products, and you don’t necessarily have to go to China to buy them or even another foreign country.

     The cost of traveling is high and besides, you may not even want to do that.

     We’ll talk about how to use the Internet to source other foreign companies in China and other countries. I’ll tell you the best countries to import goods from depending on what kind of product it is, if it’s high tech, no tech, or low tech.

The Import-Business eBook Package will also reveal to you:

How To Start Importation Business With N10,000 or Less

How To Carry Out Effective Market Research To Determine the Price of Your Imported Products

How To Determine Hot Selling Product To Import

How To Avoid Being Reaped Off By Chinese Manufacturers

How To Avoid Paying Custom Duties

How To Get Chinese Companies To Brand Their Products With Your Name

How To Sell Everything You Import On The Internet

How To Get Free Items From Chinese Factories

How To Sell Your Products Online

How To Get 100's Of Free Samples From Chinese Factories

How To Make Chinese Manufactures Give You Rock Bottom Prices

How To Get China Factories To Private Label Their Products For You

How To Import Over 800,000 Products From China

This eBook Package gives you the A-Z Secret Of Importation Business. It is the Importers Bible. Do not venture into this business without this package and Don’t bother attending any EXPENSIVE seminar except it Is being organized by my training school of course :).

This Import-Business eBook Package  will show you every thing you ever need to know to get into the Importation Business without breaking the bank or putting a whole in your pocket.

"This Is A Limited Time Offer"

     This all might sound like a lot to take in, but I promise you that when you’re through at the end of the Import-Business eBook Package  you will get it 100%. You’ll have an education that you couldn’t get in 20 years of hit and miss in this industry.

     I have conducted live seminar trainings which sold over =N=75,000 per head and the DVDs of those trainings are still selling for well over N35,000 in some cities in this country.  But right now I’m hard pressed for time to put up a seminar and this
Import-Business eBook Package  is being released and I need to  hear your feedback and figure out how to make  the package better, add to it, and continue updating it.

     Right now you can get the entire
Import-Business eBook Package  training course, where I’ll teach you everything, plus give you a set of Bonus instructional manuals and a step by step downloadable video on a DVD all for =N=7,500


I Am Offering You 7 Ethical Bribes To Get You Off The Fence...Yours FREE! No Matter What!

A Secret eBook of Chinese Expert Wholesale  Manufacturers: This ebook contains the secret websites, names and contact details of Chinese whole sellers who are willing to handle small scale importers or beginners.

This secret ebook contains contact details from manufacturers across various industries including

Electrical Equipments

Health and Beauty


Computer Hardware



Printing and Packaging



Sports & Entertainment

Gifts and Grafts

Furniture and Furnishings

Software and Accessories

Food & Beverage

Energy Related



            This secret ebook alone with contact details of direct wholesale manufacturers is worth your investment in the Import-Business eBook Package 

               When you buy direct from manufacturers who are willing to sell to you in whole sale, you are set to eliminate your competition from the very start of your business.

How To Write a Good Product Description for Your Product.. I know people who pay as high as N75,000 to get a good product description for their products. PLUS

Product Description Template, you get this FREE while people pay as high as N75,000 to get a professional product description

The Art of Getting Money: This book is written by one of Americas’ finest who has studied the art of getting money, it shows you how to get money, how to make it an art and how never to sweat to make money…Be not deceived, it is not every body that is sweating to make it. Many People are making it and they are not sweating, find out how, in this BONUS ebook. This book alone sells for N3,500


How To Sell Anything To Anybody: You have heard of Selling Ice to the Eskimos right? This bonus ebook will show you how to sell your products to people who don’t even need them..*wink *wink basically, learn how to move your products sharp sharp…In import business, Turn Over is key.. This book alone sells for N4,000

  Body Language Secrets for negotiating business deals

7 Nigerians Importation Case Studies eBook: This is an ebook containing the case study of 7 Nigerians who do this same business, these guys are Super Stars in their own rights in this same business. This ebook alone sells for N7,500.

The book highlights the journey of 7 Nigerian importers, how they started, how they grew their business, their challenges and how to over came it and how you too can build a successful home based importation business like their own.


How To Negotiate With the Chinese – Top Negotiating tactics that will make everyone feel like a winner. I personally bought this video for N15,000 now you are getting it for FREE.

This is a Total of N105,000 in Bonus Materials all For You

But you won’t be paying anywhere near that amount, just N5,900 till  September 23, 2020  after which This offer CLOSES and The eBook Package returns Goes Back To its Normal Price of N7,500 and the Bonuses Return to Their Normal Prices. "No Abeg calls, SMS, emails or please extend the date calls will reverse this decision. If you have experience with my offers, you know prices never change when they go up.”  Don’t loose this one.

If you can afford to fix your hair for N5,000 above in one day then you can afford the Import-Business eBook Package!

If you can afford to buy yourself and your friends four plates of “point and kill” with 2 bottles of Beer each for all five of you, spending nothing less than N7,000 in one sitting then you can afford the Import-Business eBook Package!


"Every Minute You Wait Is Costing You Money"

     Now it’s time to get started. What I need you to do is use the order button below and download the Import-Business eBook Package right now or you can go directly to the bank and make your deposit to register order right now.

    Remember you get this specially discounted price only if you’re willing to use the eBook Package and give me your honest feedback about it.



Yes Efe, I want To Download The Importation Business eBook Package right now.

This Offer Expires September 23, 2020.


Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:
  • The Importation Business eBook Package and all its Bonuses worth over N105,000

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 After September 23, 2020 the Price returns to N7,500


Note: Once we have verified your payment, the download link will be sent to you. And you too can soon make this Importation Business eBook Package your blueprint to get the most out of your Importation business life.

This Package gives you the A-Z about Importation Business, based on years of experience which you won't find anywhere else plus you get secret contact details of wholesale manufacturers who will deal directly with you whether you are going into small scale or large scale importation business.

Best Wishes and Good Luck,

Efe Imiren

P.P.S. I will close with one warning. My grandmother used to tell me the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

     If you’re really serious about being in the import business, what are you going to do? Take a chance, risk it, just try it on your own and see how you do? How has that worked out for you in the past?

This Package gives you the A-Z about Importation Business, based on years of experience plus you get the closely guarded secrets of other super star home based Nigerian Importers...and best of all, you get it at the Rock Bottom Bargain of N5,900 Only before  September 23, 2020 . After that date, it returns to the original price of N7,500.

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