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"“Earn N450,000 Monthly as a TravelForts Partner and Become A Virtual Travel and Tour Business Operator!”


"With This Partnership Program, Position Yourself  To Make Enviable Profits With Travel Consulting Business, Impact Your World, Gain Respect as a Productive Business Owner And Become The Envy of Your Friends, Colleagues and Family the year 2015"


This is What Your MONTHLY income Looks Like As  Partner


Product Name

Quantity Sold


1 Cruise package 1 N100,000
2 Visa Consulting package 1 N15,000
3 Visa Procurement package 1 N50,000
4 non-African Countries Vacation Holiday Package 1 N70,000
5 African Countries Vacation Package 1 N50,000
6 China trade fair Package 1 N50,000
7 China visa procurement Package 1 N50,000
8 Study Abroad Package 1 N50,000
9 HoneyMoon Package 1 N50,000
10 Visa Consulting eBooks 1 N3,500




Great Success Comes From Great Support...Here Is Your Opportunity To Leverage On TravelForts' Great Support To Make Your Financial Dreams A Reality THIS YEAR!


Registration Closing Date:


Registration Closes by 2pm on 12th February 2015


Limited Spots Available - Only 10 Partners Wanted.


Registration Details


RE: How To Partner With ServiceForts Travels For A Profitable 2015!




Dear Friend,


This invitation is for You...If You Have Attended Seminars, Bought eBooks, Listened to Countless Audio Tapes And Yet You Are Still Struggling To Start Or Make Money From  Your Own The Lucrative World Of Travel and Visa Business


Partner With Tried, Tested and Proven Money Making Travel Packages Today...Accept Your Invitation To Join Us and Make Guaranteed Six-Figure MONTHLY Income in 2015.


My name is Efe Imiren, Nigeria’s Info-Queen and Seasoned Travel Consultant with a very significant difference.

I began my Travel Consultancy Business as a total green horn who knew next to nothing in travel business but managed to turn over in millions within the first 12 months in business.

Also within the first twelve months of starting, I was privileged to attend the prestigious World Travel Business Fair overseas as a distinguished Meridian Club Member

(a meridian club member, means my travel business is valuable to foreign travel companies because they get from me HUGE travel deals and heavy paying clients every year).  

Virtual Travel Consulting Business is an exciting business that lets you use your creativity to plan travel for clients and make big money with it. As a Virtual Travel Consultant, I help my clients plan their vacation, their honeymoon abroad, their migration abroad.

I even help them realize their study and work abroad dreams and I procure and secure their 100% genuine visa, I simply help people turn their dreams into realities.

I take their possibilities and turn it into realities. That IS the life of a Travel Consultant and it is Rich, Rewarding AND Exciting! As a travel consultant, you can combine your love of travel with a flexible and profitable career.

But a lot of people still get stuck

Over the years, I have taught hundreds of people how to set up their own profitable travel consulting business and I have been featured in several newspapers nation wide, radio talk shows, television talk shows, personal finance columns and online news sites all because of how I have successfully scaled through the difficult financial and business terrain in Nigeria to rank as the foremost digital female entrepreneur and business coach. Don't take my word for it, read their testimonials on our website -

In November 2013, I was given an award for my entrepreneurial spirit in business success along side world-class entrepreneurs such as Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim (Group MD, Energy Group), Mr. Mudiaga Enajemo (CEO, Mudi Store), Erelu Obafunmilola Aesola (CEO, Waxtall Ltd, Logomats), Dr. Ola Orekunrin (Founder, Flying Doctor in Nigeria), Cyprian & Doreen Orakpor (CEO, Transerve Disc Tech. Ltd), Opa Williams (CEO, Virgin Organization Ltd),

You can read details of the award here:

Through out my years of teaching, guiding, instructing, mentoring and consulting with my students, I have come to discover this peculiar truth about a typical would-be-travel-business owner:

About 95% of people who make the move to start their own travel consulting business..get stuck..they never get to make the income of their dreams..and customers find it difficult to trust the new products these new business owners offer to the public...and soon...

…they are unable to make money in the business…

I have discovered that only a hand full of people who attend our Travel Consulting Business Training gather the strength and guts to actually begin their own travel consulting business, not because they have not been adequately taught but because of fear ; inexperience and self doubt

Fear of the unknown. Fear of putting together travel packages and no one buys it. Fear of putting all their strength into stating a business. Self doubting thought like who will believe I am a consultant? Or who will take me serious if I put together a cruise vacation package and begin to sell? For some people, even you, it may be that you just don’t know where to start from after receiving all the wonderful information we share with them. And this is what this letter is about – helping you over come the fear of the unknown, the fear of starting and the confusion of knowing where to start from...BUT...


...By Joining TravelForts Partners Forum, you are on your way to making your own Millionaire Dreams Come Through...

Let me explain.


In the next few paragraphs I am inviting you to be a partner with TravelForts, owners of the ground breaking and multi-million naira profit pulling websites such as,, and 

These FOUR websites combined have pulled in millions of naira in profits in the Travel Industry and as a smart business man or woman with an eye for profits, you will grab on the opportunity to use the brand-name and product success of TravelForts to launch your own successful Travel Consulting Business.

Here is how you can do it

By completing the partnership registration details in this letter and saying YES to this partnership offer from TravelForts you will become an affiliate of TravelForts vacation packages, visa procurement services, Study Abroad packages, honeymoon packages and visa consulting services.


Take A Look at a Snapshot of Your Potential Income as a TravelForts Partner

Let us assume you are only able to make just ONE sale from ONE package PER MONTH, you don't want stress, you don't want too much work, or you are busy with other things,  just ONE, one sale ONLY, here is what your income looks like:



Product Name

Quantity Sold


1 Cruise package 1 N100,000
2 Visa Consulting package 1 N15,000
3 Visa Procurement package 1 N50,000
4 non-African Countries Vacation Holiday Package 1 N70,000
5 African Countries Vacation Package 1 N50,000
6 China trade fair Package 1 N50,000
7 China visa procurement Package 1 N50,000
8 Study Abroad Package 1 N50,000
9 HoneyMoon Package 1 N50,000
10 Visa Consulting eBooks 1 N3,500




These income potentials are not gimmicks or tricks, in the last 3 months of the year 2014 alone, TravelForts as a team pulled in a total sum of N19,000,000 from travel packages ONLY.

These are not made up figures. Take a look at the statistics yourself below:



Google Search result reveals Consumers will Spend up to $10.8 TRILLION DOLLARS on travel by 2018...think about it, wouldn't you rather be in this industry??




Our own Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation reveals that Nigeria domestic Travel market is worth $4Billion US Dollars...wouldn't you rather learn how to be part of this lucrative business??



Can you now see that It IS EASY to make N450,000 Monthly easily from these statistics?


See, Travel is a BIG DEAL, people want to travel abroad, to school, live there, work abroad, and many travel package buyers are looking for honest travel agents and consultants who will fulfill their promises and not run away with their money.

With TravelForts Partnership, you can be the travel agent that people are looking for.




Why Should You Join

TravelForts Partners?

Have you ever heard the saying "middle men make more money than manufacturers?"...well, that saying is arguably true.

Retailers and middle men of products and services make all the money while manufacturers slave away at production. In this scenerio, TravelForts are the manufacturers, we do all the labour, all the hardwork of producing packages, protecting your customers' money and providing great travel packages while all you do as the middleman/agent is to walk away with the multi-million naira marketing profits.

We take all the stress out of running a travel business. Your business model is all about -  "point, click and pocket the money"...

You don't need to spend sleepless nights looking for cheap tickets, cheap hotels, cheap this and cheap that, we do all the work for you.

You don't need to be worried about work-abroad, study-abroad, and live-abroad scammers, we do all the ground digging and background checking for you.

You don't need to encounter messy cases of being defrauded, because you can go to bed rest assured that if your client is using TravelForts packages, their money is protected by TravelForts Customer interest protection guarantee.

Long story short - the travel industry is awash with swindlers who have swindled the innocent of their hard earned cash, by partnering with TravelForts you are choosing Safety, Peace of Mind, and Guaranteed Success...





TravelForts Partnership Program is for prospective and existing travel business owners seeking do-it-yourself business guidance, dramatic growth, independence, and security.





TravelForts 2 Years Partnership Program...

There is nothing of its kind anywhere in this country. It does not matter if you live in PH, Warri, Abuja, Sokoto, Ekiti, Ondo, Ibadan or Kaduna. The partnership program is designed to Cater for you where ever you live.



Here Is What Becoming A TravelForts Partner Will Do For You and What Exactly Are You Getting In

This 2 Years (24 FULL Months) of

Partnership Program

During our 2 Years of Partnership I will show you how to Use Virtual Travel Consulting Business to TRIPPLE your Income within your first 90 Days in Business..

It is guaranteed and NO Gimmicks. It is Real business, for Real People with Real Money. As a Virtual Travel Consultant, you can choose to specialize in what ever type of travel opportunity you want such as Business and Corporate travel, tours, Honeymoons, Independent Travel, Or many other types of travel experiences.

By beginning your Travel Consulting Business and Career in this way, here is what you stand to benefit and these are the burdens we will be lifting off your shoulders:


  • You don’t have to spend huge sums of money (which you may not be willing to spare right now since you are just beginning) on incorporating your Limited Liability Company yet


  • We do all the work for you (you can be at work, just do some little adverts in the paper, put your website on the advert, direct all the traffic to your website while we do all the hard work of converting your inqiuiries into buying customers for you)


  • You don’t have to look for or design new products to sell (you don’t need to sweat about getting genuine visa people, or sweat to put together a vacation pack and try out new agents whom you are not sure will deliver or who may as well run away with your clients money. TravelForts products are tried and tested money makers, you can start your business by making money from TravelForts products)


  • You don’t have to look for new suppliers


  • You don’t have to start looking for new visa suppliers (the Visa terrain in Nigeria is bedeviled with touts and 419s ready to bolt with your clients money once you have paid them, even experienced travel consultants like me still encounter these people some times, just a few weeks ago, I wanted to expand our China Visa procurement network, so I decided to try a Nigerian agent who claimed to be very successful at China Visa procurement – I won't bore you with the details, long story short, I had to make it clear to this agent that he will sleep behind bars if I didn’t get a refund or the service promised  in 48hours. Why begin your business with the head-and-heart-ache of looking for visa agents, when you can rely on TravelForts’ existing network?)


  • You will have access to strategies for promoting your website, and also promoting your Travel Consulting Business


  • When your business grows, it means Travelforts grows, so we will constantly provide you with insights on how to grow your business.

In addition, during this 2 Full Years of Partnership, You will receive:


·        Quarterly Travel Promotional Tools: Quarterly, you will receive promo materials for the promotion of your partnership travel products. You will receive promo campaign time tables to effectively market your potential clients.

·         Partnership Website: You will receive a Full Partnership website designed for you with you domain name registered and redirected to your partnership website and pages

·         4 Hours Audio Recording: In this recording I will show you EXACTLY where the money is and HOW to get it.

we will cut through the Maze to work together in the next 24 Months

·        Partnership Meeting: Once in 12 months you will meet with me and other partners to motivate ourselves to bigger profits and also to reveal insider secrets to beating the Big Boys with our small advertising budgets

·        Virtual Support (Email, Phone call, Skype, SMS): You will have the professional support of TravelForts attending to all your clients for the affiliate products in a professional manner

·        Upon Registration, You also get these eResources book and DVD

eResource Materials


Book Title: Home-Based Travel Agent: How To Succeed In Your Own Travel Marketing Business. 

Book Title: Marketing Plan for an Adventure Travel Agency

·        Guaranteed Profit and Success: The Point is, with this partnership program, your success and Profit as Virtual travel consultant is guaranteed, as long as you follow my leading, guidance and instructions to the letter T...all during our 24 Months as Partners.


What I am offering You here is NOT a one-seize-fits-all training. It is NOT a training. It is an Invitation to come and Make Money.



It is an Individual, personalized invitation to Join Us At TravelForts, to come and share in the Billion Naira Profits of the Travel Industry for THE NEXT TWO YEARS..It is just You and Me, working on your Travel Business, To offer practicable travel solutions to your world and create a Blueprint for Predictable and Consistent Income for the year.


If you don’t just want the one-size-fits-all business marketing tools and plans that are preached out there. You want something designed especially for you…and you want someone you can ask questions of and personally talk to about improving your business results. Then register for this program..


“But Efe, I Will Just Listen To Your CDs or Attend Your Seminar, Start My Business And See How It Goes!”

Remember, only 5% of the people who purchase ebooks and attend seminars actually take action on them. and there is no guarantee you will succeed by doing it your own way. Statistics are out there to prove 99% of business start ups fail in their first 12 months. But TravelForts has been around since 2008. So to be frank, statistics are not on your side.

Case in point: take a look at your bookshelf at the books, ebooks and info-products you have purchased. I am sure there are SOME there you purchased with good intentions…

…but just haven’t touched.

You see, I have created ebooks on travel consulting business including home-study packages; and I created them so that they can be used. I put a LOT of time into these course, and I want you to use it create a business system that will siphon qualified clients, customers, sales and profits into your income funnel.

But I know you are busy. And I know what it is like to commit to “getting started” today—only to have “stuff” come up.

Believe me, accountability is CRITICAL when it comes to implementation of my strategies. That’s why it has been shown over and over again that people with personal trainers have a greater success rate losing weight and getting fit.

Why is this? The trainer holds them accountable by having them hop on the scale every 2-3 weeks to ensure progress. And, believe me, NOBODY wants to get embarrassed by getting on the scale weighing more than before!


So, during the 24 months of partnership with TravelForts, our focus is on delivery of the one thing that makes ANY body (including YOU) go into business - PROFITS. and MONEY. CHIKENA!

If You Think This Partnership Program Is Worth At LEAST N450,000 You’re Right. But Don’t Worry, You Won’t Have To Pay That!

I’m sure you’re bracing yourself for a BIG investment for the 2 Years (24 Full Months) of Travelforts Partnership Program. As you should.

Why? Because this is a personal invitation to join in sharing the profits of a profitable Billion Naira industry, business and brand that will allow you to NEVER have to worry about “priming your pump” with qualified products, clients and customers.

That said, your investment will be less than 2% of a N1,000,000 a year income from travel business…or income increase. Most other partnership, affiliate and distributors membership programs are MUCH more expensive than you’re getting a bargain—as you will soon find out.

And considering you will be walking away with a complete marketing and business system you can use over and over again to generate profit and income, what I am asking you to invest is peanuts.

And don’t forget the hours, weeks, months, and even YEARS of trial and error this partnership program will help you to eliminate.

Think about it. Think about how much you are charging per hour for your time right now…and think about how much billable time you won’t have to waste “turning around on one spot” with something you don’t “get”.


And don’t forget about the confidence and piece of mind you will have…KNOWING you have a team of experienced money-makers, backing you up, plus someone there to talk to, and help you out….when you need it.

With all this in mind, your investment should be at LEAST N450,000… considering the time savings and potential BOOST in income you will achieve thanks to the business and marketing system this partnership program will help you create.

But you won’t have to pay N450,000. And N350,000 is a more reasonable price but you won’t have to pay that either.

When you take action right now, your investment in the 2 Years Travel Consulting Business Partnerhsip Program is only N150,000...and I can only take 10 people because I don't want too many people diluting our brand name at TravelForts.


Think about it: you can easily get that investment back with just ONE month of successful travel product launch and marketing campaign on the internet which I will work with you to help you create.
Last Year, One of students Made N1,000,000 in 48Hours with Just ONE Email, from a Product Created By TravelForts. He is the admissions officer at

Not to mention the peace of mind and certainty you will feel when you take action right now … and KNOW you’re going to have a FULL marketing campaign ready to roll during your 24 Months Partnership. Because that’s what this program program will give you. Certainty.

 Click Here To Register For The Partnership Now

Registration Closing:

12th February 2015

Limited Spots Available - Only 10 spots Available.


 It does not matter if you live in PH, Warri, Abuja, Sokoto, Ekiti, Ondo, Ibadan or Kaduna. The partnership is designed to Cater for you where ever you live.


There are Only 10 spots available. It is not a marketing gimmick. We also are in the business to make profit as a company. so there is a limit to the number of people we can invite to come and share in the profits.


What Some Of My Students Have

Achieved and Are Saying



Efe, Thanks to what I learnt from you on travel consulting, I am now living in two bedroom flat, I have almost completed my own home, and also I now have office in surulere and Dubai. I have partners all over UK, USA, China, South Africa and Dubai helping me with Invitation letters for my clients. My business became a hit when I helped my client to get a 2 years Canada Visa, and a UK Visa without stress! You are the best Coach Efe! Akionla, Akinstand Travels and Tours Ltd.

Hi Efe, I can’t thank you enough, after attending the travel seminar with you, I went on to practice all that you taught us, and within  a short period, I opened my travel business and started getting clients, I am happy to tell you that my business is now one year old and I have a decent income. Thank you for teaching your trade secrets. You are a wonderful Coach. God Bless You. Charles, Travel Choices Kaduna


Click Here To Register For The Partnership Now


Don't Squander the New Year






How To Register Now

Registration Deadline is 30th January 2015.


Yes! I want register and attend the Travel Seminar:


Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + Code: “TravelPartnership” + Date you are making payment (between now and 12th February) to 0803 297 8011


Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N150,000 yes, that's right, One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only.


You can do an Online Transfer, ATM Transfers, Bank Payments

Account Name:         ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank Account Number:    001 141 2778
First Bank Account Number:  201 679 1231



Step 3: Send an EMAIL Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + Name of Account Paid + Amount Paid+ Code "TravelPartnership" to payments @


Title of the email MUST BE - "Paid for Travel Partnership Program"



Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will reserve your spot on the program. And send you program start details, so you too can soon make this Partnership your blueprint to get the most out of your Travel Consulting business life.


Payments Option B

Direct Online Payment with Your Naira/Dollar ATM Cards


Efe Imiren

Travel Consultant



PS: As a Virtual Travel Consultant, I help my clients plan their vacation, their honeymoon abroad, their migration abroad, I even help them realize their study and work abroad dreams and I procure and secure their 100% genuine visa, Plus I have genuine travel and visa contacts as a result of attending the World Travel Business Fair overseas last year.



PPS: TravelForts has consistently grossed Six and Seven figures in profits annually from Travel Business since 2008 and now for the FIRST TIME EVER we are inviting partners to come join us in making money and sharing the profits. But the Point is -we will only open to 10 Partners Only. To protect our trade secrets.



PPPS: You have to be amongst the10 people that will be allowed into the program because the trade secrets are not for every Tom, Dick and Jane. Click Here To Register Now. We will not open this offer again this year. So register before 30th January today . You delay, You Loose your chances to profit with us in 2015 click here .


Time is Ticking, Register to Join TravelForts Partners TODAY.

This offer will NOT be repeated in 2015, it's no marketing gimmick.



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